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Walter & Sons Construction and Remodeling Services can turn your bathroom into a rejuvenating retreat. Our expertise in bathroom remodeling services in Corpus Christi, TX, ensures a seamless transformation of your space. Discover the impact of a well-designed bathroom today.

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As the leading bathroom contractor in Corpus Christi, TX, Walter & Sons Construction and Remodeling Services specializes in complete bathroom transformations. Our process begins with a meticulous demolition, preparing the space for a stunning makeover. We skillfully handle bathroom plumbing updates and electrical work to ensure your new fixtures function flawlessly. Our team excels in installing bathtubs, showers, and sleek vanities, tailoring each aspect to your preferences. With our expertise in bathroom demolition and fixtures installation, your bathroom will not only look extraordinary but also offer enhanced comfort and functionality.

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Your Dream Bathroom Made Real

Imagine stepping into a bathroom that’s been crafted just for you. A space where every tile, every fixture, speaks to your style and needs. At Walter & Sons, we make this dream a reality. Our team excels in bathtub upgrades, creating spaces that offer both luxury and relaxation. We understand the importance of bathroom remodeling services that cater to your unique tastes. From elegant lighting to exquisite mirrors and accessories, each element is chosen to elevate your experience. We don’t just remodel bathrooms; we transform them into personal sanctuaries.

We can also install the following in your bathroom:
  • Flooring

  • Wall treatments

  • Shower or bathtubs

  • Vanity and storage

  • Lighting and ventilation

  • Mirrors and accessories

  • Accessibility features

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Ready to transform your bathroom with Walter & Sons Construction and Remodeling Services in Corpus Christi, TX? As a renowned bathroom contractor, we’re dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Our team ensures every detail, from bathroom plumbing to the installation of stylish fixtures, aligns with your expectations. With our expertise in bathroom demolition and upgrades, we guarantee a remodeling experience that is seamless and satisfying. Contact us today to embark on the journey to your ideal bathroom.

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